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Corporate holiday can have different types of occasion: the anniversary of the enterprise, the joint celebration of an important date, a professional holiday, completion of a successful project or another motive. The main thing is an event that combines the collective into a friendly family, just like a coherent whole. To make such an event unusual, special conditions are necessary.

You can hold a corporate event in “Scala Camping Kabardinka”. This is a celebration and a joint holiday on the coast at the same time. Luxury sunsets and a sea surface, fresh air and a cozy terrace are those special elements that are important for your successful corporate. There is a necessary territory for the guests accommodation in the campsite, comfortable conditions for living and a place for a banquet and entertainment. Guests of the corporate can also use their own camping beach.

Cooks of the Scala grill-bar will make the corporate tasty and colorful. A feast is an important part of the event. Depending on the wishes, a banquet menu will be specially invented for you. Thus, can include: snacks, grilled dishes, seafood, meat and other items. A cocktail card and an extensive selection of drinks will add fervor to the holiday. Comfortable tables, high-quality serving and sets of dishes, competent service and a pleasant atmosphere await for you.

Holding an event in Scala Camping Kabardinka is an opportunity to enjoy unique natural conditions. Sheer cliffs, whose silhouettes resemble mythical characters, the transition of clouds into the sea waves and a salty breeze is the best way to relax and temporarily forget about work. The seaside is a great place for joint recreation and celebration. Your team will remember this event for a long time and will get inspiration for a productive work. In this situation, you will discover new qualities of each other, which will help you in further joint activities. And the frames with photos, that capture your fun, will decorate the walls of the office.

Choose this wonderful place for corporate events and enjoy the wonderful nature of the Black Sea coast.

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