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The rustle of waves, the sun’s rays, which give a scattering of shades to the sea smoothness, salty wind and endless expanse around. This is the picture that is associated with peace, freedom and happiness. It’s like pictures from a book or frames of a movie. The ideal ambiance for a wedding celebration, if you want to make your day a real fairy tale.

Many couples dreamily look through the images of the wedding on the coast and think that this is something unreal. Dreams incarnate in “Scala Camping Kabardinka”. The combination of rocks and the sea, picturesque coastline and quality service are available at democratic prices. This is your chance to make your wedding day the way you dreamed of it in your most treasured desires.

Weddings organization will save the bride and groom from troubles and worries. After all, today they are the central persons, who should only enjoy the wedding and spend time with their relatives. And it all happens in the usual climate, with traditional cuisine, without stress and concerns. After all, in order to celebrate a wedding by the sea, it is not necessary to go to the other side of the world – it is possible in their own home place.

The wedding by the sea is a ceremony during the sound of waves, unique frames of the photo session, romantic atmosphere and stunning scenery. This event will be remembered forever, as a sincere, bright celebration. You will save these feelings and carry through life together, to remember this unforgettable day by the sea in many years.

The “Scala Camping Kabardinka” team of the organizers will know your preferences and make the wedding unique, creating it specially for you. We do not have prepared scenarios, everything depends on the specific of a couple and their love story. We develop all the decoration for your wedding, but it only complement the surrounding beauty and luxurious views. It can be flowers, light fabric, candles or various marine attributes – all in the light of your tastes, color preferences and any ideas.

As for the treats for guests – there is an excellent team of chefs in “Scala Camping Kabardinka”, which will please you and guests with a perfect combination of dishes, beautiful design and exquisite serve. Cooks heed your wishes for food and drinks, all meals are served promptly and without delay.

The unique character of the celebration, seascapes and fabulous rocks, the roar of the waves and a light breeze will make your wedding the most beautiful day of your life. Grant yourself this fairy tale, because this is the best illustration of your love.

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